Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Power of *innocent* Prayers

If you've ever doubted the power of prayers, then you must read this story. It proves that the innocence of a child, combined with the powers of prayers, can work miracles, and touch the hearts of many....

A few months ago, my bestfriend's little brother (Tippy) was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He was traveling down a busy street, when an unexperienced driver pulled out right in front of his motorcycle. Tippy was critically injured and rushed to the ICU of our local hospital. He suffered a broken arm, a broken leg, and bleeding and swelling of the brain.

During this time, family a friends gathered together to pray for Tippy and the safe outcome of his inuries. The extent of his injuries were severe, and the outcome was grim, but through it all, we remained hopeful.

My friend (Brandi) also had the daunting task of telling her 4 year old son, Damion, that his beloved Uncle was in the hurt and in the hospital. She explained it to him the best she knew how, and told him that the Doctors were going to do everything to make him better. Damion looks at his mommy and said with such vindication "Jesus is going to make Uncle Tippy better!!" "Thats right she said, so we should pray to Jesus and ask him to help make Uncle Tippy better"

The next morning when she dropped Damion off at school his class was already sitting in a circle getting ready to do their morning prayer. She asked the teacher if she could join in on the paryer this morning, and if they could all pray for Tippy. So little heads bowed and tiny hands clasped together, as they all prayed for Tippy.

With tears in her eyes, Brandi left the classroom and headed to the hospital to be with her family as they awaited news from the Doctors about Tippy. As she reached the ICU floor, she saw his Doctor walking into their family waiting room with an update. It was a miracle - The bleeding had completely stopped and the swelling was reducing!!! They were all so over joyed that it looked like Tippy was going to make it, and Brandi couldnt help but smile thinking of all those tiny hands, praying in a BIG way!

Tippy did end up making a full recovery, against all odds.

Fast forward to just last night. Brandi's Nana, has been fighting a loosing battle with cancer. It was just a matter of time before she let go and went home to be with Our Father. Brandi was tucking Damion into bed, and telling him that Nana was going to be going to Heaven soon, and that we needed to pray for her. Again his little hand bowed, and his tiny hands clasped, and he prayed to God to bring his Nana home to heaven and take good care of her.

Nana died peacefully that night.

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