Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cakes, and Cookies, and Tutu's....OH MY!

So not too long ago I started experimenting with cake decorating, and aside from finding it a lot of fun, I actually found myself pretty good at it! So naturally, when my bestfriend's daughter's first birthday was approaching, I volunteered to make her cake! My bff decided to do a "tutu" theme for the party, complete with

a custom made tutu for the birthday girl.
The idea's really started flowing from there!! My bff was on the hunt for the "perfect" birthday shirt for her daughter to wear with the tutu. After searching many stores, and coming up empty handed, I said to her "Why don't we just MAKE her a birthday shirt" I decided on a fiting number "1". But wait....she's wearing a how cute would it be if the number "1" wore a tutu too!

We also decided that in additon to the cake, we should make number "1" sugar cookies and individually package them for favors. We baked and frosted 40 cookies, half white with a pink border, and half pink with a white border, and individually packaged each of them with a note attached ...

'No "1" could have made my birthday any sweeter! ♥ Bailey Jo'

But wait...there's more! We're forgeting about our original project....THE CAKE! Ok, so obviously the creative juices are flowing. We already decided that we wanted to do a number "1" out of fondant....but how to decorate it?! And what to do with all that extra tule we have left over?! Why put it around the cake, of course!

And what first birthday would be complete with out a very own smash cake for the birthday girl?
All in all, we were very pleased how everything turned out! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun with a very good friend!! We've already started planning out the next "cake party" for Jadon's birthday in Sept!

A look at everything....


  1. so freaken cute!!! I love it... you are so good!! feel free to make suff for my kids and my party's any time.. you always end up doing great and it looks great... I know everyone will love it!! good Job sis!! love ya! wish I was there to help and take part... maybe next time!

  2. Everything came out so wonderful! I want to see a picture of the birthday girl all dressed up - the outfit is to die for :).