Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Picture Day ---what goes on BEHIND the scenes

Ever see those pictures in the magazines of the happily smiling family, with 2.5 kids, all looking perfectly at the camera....Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes, BEFORE the photographer snaps that pose? If its anything like my family picture experience, then they deserve a medal!

I remember before my son could walk, or run for that matter. We would sit him down in front of the backdrop, and he would STAY. And all we would have to do is make a few funny noises, or wave a few toys in front of him and his face would light up with the biggest smile, and snap, snap, snap - Perfe
ct Pictures!

Nowadays, my picture experience requires a bit more finesse, and some restraining devices! (just kidding about the restraining devices...although I might need to remember that for future reference!) All I could think about while my son was running through the studio shrieking as I chased after him was "OMG --- I'm one of THOSE mothers!" You know, the mothers wh
o get the sympathetic looks from passing strangers, and the whipered "Glad that's not MY kid..."

But in the end, when you see all of our smiling faces looking perfectly at the camera, it makes it all worth it. And besides, its not like they took pictures of what went on, behind the scenes! ;)

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