Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Wow~ The last few weeks have been an absolute whirl wind! I thought having 4 kids was a lot of work, but SIX kids - now they can give me a run for my money! Now that I finally have a chance to sit down and catch my breath, I thought I'd give you all an update :)

July 17th we got our two week vacation with my step-kids, Alexa and JJ. My niece and nephew came down from NJ to spend the summer with us. So my household consisted of two 10 year old girls, 6 and 7 year old boys, plus Jadon - 22 mos, and Angelina - 6mos. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun!! I don't know how people manage with that many kids on a permanent basis though! I'm sure with anything, you end up finding a routine and a system that works for your family, and we did make do for the time I had all of them. I will tell you though, the saying is true - A full house makes a full heart!

We jam packed the time we had with lots of trips to the beach and the pool, visits to the park, family movie nights, and lots of laughs! The kids made a lot of great memories with their "favorite cousins" and we were all sad to see them head back to NJ.

Now its back to reality. I'm sitting here enjoying the last moments of my "mini-vacation" , smiling while I listen to my kids playing together in the other room, and dreading getting up for work tomorrow!

Being a working mom has its perks though. Sure I miss my kids like crazy when I'm not with them -- But I know they are in good hands! (My husband works nights, so the kids stay with him during the day while I am at work) And I must say, I truly enjoy my "quiet time" in the mornings while I drive to work and sip my coffee (I say sip, but I should say "wear", since I do end up wearing some of it most days!) And a little "adult" conversation is always nice (not having to count to three to get your point across!) Not to mention a few hours with no diaper duty!! But nothing beats the smile on my sons face when he comes running up to greet me after a long days work! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

6 months ago....

I swear it was just yesterday I was sitting in labor and delivery watching our president's inauguration on CNN as I anxiously awaited to meet my baby girl - And now, in the blink or an eye, its 6 months later! The past 6 months have been such a whirl wind, that I realized that I never had a chance to write her birth story. So today, feeling nostalgic about my sweet Angelface, and in a desperate attempt to make time go slower, I'm going to reminiscence.....


I was scheduled to give birth by planned c-section on January 23rd, as my son was previously born by a c-section after a failed induction. I remember finding it so weird to know the day she was going to be born, in fact I even knew when she was going to be born, before I knew she was a she! I also remember feeling a little disappointed that I would never get to have that "Honey, It's time" moment.

Little did I know, that my little princess wasn't about to have anyone tell HER when SHE was going to be born! Three days before my scheduled c-setion, I went into labor. I had a lot of braxton hicks throughout my pregnancy, and when I started having contractions on Monday night, I chalked it up to the busy weekend we had and decided to drink some water and head to bed. Except my contractions never let up, and continued on through the night, waking me up several times. Each time, I told myself "they're just braxton hicks" and rolled over to try and get some sleep. Finally, around 7am, I decided to take a hot shower and get ready to go, just in case. I woke my husband, a little too excited, and said those imfamous three little words...."Honey, it's TIME"

I called my DR to let her know we were on our way to the hospital, found a sitter for the kids, and we were on our way! When we got there, I was sent back to a room and hooked up to the monitors. My contractions were already 2 minutes apart, and I was 4cm dialated. The nurse called the on call DR and let him know we would be doing the c-section a little earlier than planned. When I got up to Pre-Op, I called my mom to let her know where I was. She was actually just on the other side of the hospital with my dad, who was having a heart catherderization.

The next part was a waiting game. We sat in the pre-op room waiting for the DR's schedule clear and an OR room to become available. We passed the time watching the inaugeration of President Barrack Obama, or my husband and my mother watched while I labored. I thought the whole fun of the "planned c-section" was that I didn't have to labor?!

Finally around 12:30 the DR met with us and briefed us for the surgery. Was it a coincidence that it was just after lunch time that we finally got to see him? Probably not! ;) They prepped me for surgery and took me back to the OR. Everything went very fast from there. They administered the spinal, and my husband joined me in scrubs moments later. I've never experienced a natural birth, so I don't know what to compair it to, but nothing is more magical then the DR holding up my baby for me to see and hearing her first cry.

She was so small, and so perfect. A mountain of jet black hair. The nurse brought her over to me so I could kiss her before taking her to clean her, weigh her, and do her apgars. She was 6lbs 5oz, and 20 inches long, and her apgars were 9 and 9 :) An image of perfection. After they finished stitching me I joined her and my husband in recovery where I got to hold her for the first time. It doesn't matter how many children you've had before - it's still a completely amazing feeling holding that tiny being for the first time. I was in awe of her tiny fingers, and big blue eyes.

I wish I had a remote so I could rewind time and relive those first precious moments again and again. To smell her sweet newborn smell again, and nurse her until she fell asleep sated in my arms.

The past 6 months have been truly amazing watching her grow. Her first smile, and first laugh. The way her eyes light up when she sees me. I know the future holds so many more beautiful memories, but I will always still cherish those first few moments.

January 20, 2009 - 1pm

♥ I love you always Angelface! ♥

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brotherly Love ♥

There is by far, nothing sweeter in life, than seeing your two children together! Jadon was just 16mos when his baby sister Angelina was born - But the love he had for her was instantanious, and it over flowed from his heart into mine! I remember being so nervous for Jadon to come up to the hospital and visit "his baby" for the first time! For several reasons: 1 - I had only one other time spent the night away from him, and I was afraid he was going to be "mad at me" for leaving him (umm, can we say post pardum pregnancy hormones?!) and 2 - I was worried that he would be jealous of his new baby sister.

So I told my husband to make sure that he called when he was on his way up, so I could put Angelina in the bassinet. I didn't want the first thing Jadon saw when he walked in the room was me holding another baby! So in walks my first born (who all of the sudden looks like such a big boy!) looks at me, glaces over towards the bassinet, smiles the biggest smile I've ever seen, and says "BABY"

And there began the start of a life long bond they will always have!! (I will be sure to remind them of this when they are 16 & 17)

♥ Jadon's first kiss for his baby sister ♥

It's good to know that the feeling is mutual though. Just the sound of her big brother's voice will bring a huge grin to Angelina's face. Seeing them interact with each other, and the unspoken love between them, melts my heart! I can only hope that the bond they have will continue to grow through the years! But I know, that "Nena" (as Jadon calls her) will always be "his baby".

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Dude, where's my cape?"

As a mother of 2 biological children, under the age of 2, and 2 stepkids, ages 7 and 10, I often feel like each day is an "adventure". And more often than not, I end the day feeling "defeated". If only each Mom was given a "Cape" with magical powers, like "Energy" , "Patience", "The ability to make time stand still" and "to prepare dinner and clean the house all in the blink of an eye"

But the truth is, cape or no cape, we as mothers, DO have magical powers. The powers to mend a scraped knee, or sooth a broken heart. The powers to juggle work, kids, and a husband (who can, at times, feel like another kid). To similtaniously cook dinner, and fold laundry, all while bouncing a fussy baby on our knee. And don't forget about those handy "eyes in the back of the head" that we all had installed after Labor and Delivery ;)

But be weary...all those "super powers" can turn to mush, at the mere sight of our "kryptonite" . One simple smile, from my Mystevious little Man, or the ringing of laughter from my Precious Princess, and my world stops spinning. I forget about the dinner, burning on the stove; and the basket of laundry left unfolded on the sofa - and suddenly, nothing else matters. They make every second worth its while, and even when I feel like collapsing from the exhaustions of every day life - they give me the strength to keep going. Maybe they aren't the "kryptonite" at all, but the center of energy where all of our "super powers" come from. After all - I couldn't be a "Mighty Mom" without them!