Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No more "2 under 2"

Well, its of Saturday, I no longer have "2 under 2" My baby boy, has grown up into a little boy!! Its so amazing to watch his daily discoveries, and he surely keeps me on my toes!

I think I was more emotional for this birthday, then his first. At his first birthday, he still looked like a baby....he s
till talked like a baby...and he still walked like a baby. Now, I look at him, and I see this little boy, no longer a baby! He's got this "big boy look" and an even bigger "big boy attitude"!

I know that the next year is going to bring so many more wonderful memories, that I will cherish forever. He will continue to learn, and grow, and amaze me every day. But I long for the nights he slept on my chest after I nursed him to sleep. Now his bedtime ro
utine consists of me giving him a kiss, and him saying "Love you. Niiiiiiiiiiight" and if I linger a little too long after that, a very drawn out "Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee"

He's still my little cuddle bug though, and it just warms my heart when he comes up and lays his head on my lap, or plants a big kiss on me out of the blue. He's also really started becoming a sweet big brother. He loves to bring his "Nena" toys, and has finally gras
ped the concept of "share" The other day they were both sitting on the living room floor, when Jadon pulled of Angelina's sock, grabbed her toe and said "Ittle Piggy....wewewewe HOME"

I look forward each day, to see what he will learn, and how he will grow. And no matter how big he gets, he w
ill always be my little "Jadon Bug"

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